The Best Phones for Shooting and Editing Videos

The great thing about the rapid rate that technology is currently developing at is that technology is becoming smaller and more compact whilst the...


The Best Phones for Shooting and Editing Videos

The great thing about the rapid rate that technology is currently developing at is that technology is becoming smaller and more compact whilst the...

8 Cheap and Nifty Apps You Should Invest In

Ever since the beginning of smartphones, apps have been so popular with every mainstream social media platform getting involved including Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and...




The Best Phones for Shooting and Editing Videos

The great thing about the rapid rate that technology is currently developing at is that technology is becoming smaller and more compact whilst the...


8 Cheap and Nifty Apps You Should Invest In

Ever since the beginning of smartphones, apps have been so popular with every mainstream social media platform getting involved including Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and many more. However, these apps are free...

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When it comes to choosing a broadband provider, of course, we all want to get the best deal and the best service. Every single broadband provider will tell you that their...

How does a VPS work and When do you Need One?

A VPS or a virtual private server is defined as a server that has been created within another stronger server to create the illusion and the effect of having your own...



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The Best Phones for Shooting and Editing Videos

The great thing about the rapid rate that technology is currently developing at is that technology is becoming smaller and more compact whilst the performance power only increases. Within the newer phones that are being released, we are using professional-grade cameras being implemented which has the potential to replace the need for an extra camera as the quality that is being found in both kinds of devices is on par with each other. As more and more people start to film professional quality content on their mobile phones, the question has been raised around which phones are the best for this usage.  

Huawei P30 pro

Although it is not currently the newest model that Huawei has released, the camera recording quality and professional standard editing software that is pre-installed on many of their devices would have to be one of the best in the industry. The fifteen-megapixel camera is capable of shooting a range of different sized shots and the optical zoom is enough to get close-up shots from a far distance without compromising the quality of the final shot. The camera quality on this device is only made better by the editing software that is provided free of charge with many Huawei phones, the editing software allows you to alter a wide range of different things including cropping, touching up the contrast and colors, and brightening or darkening areas of your content when required.   

Samsung Galaxy S10

The Samsung Galaxy S10 is another great option for those of you looking for a mobile device that has an advanced camera and recording capabilities, Samsung is one of the main brands to begin implementing the more developed and miniature camera technology in their devices and over the years the quality has improved at an exponential rate. When you compare this phone with the competition you will see that the camera specifications are some of the best on the market, for anyone who is looking for a very versatile device that can be used as a phone and camera then this device is definitely worth your consideration. With social media being so influential today it is now more important than ever to get the best quality pictures to post on your feed, if the picture quality is not enough and you are not seeing as much progress as you would like then you can buy tiktok followers from here. 

I Phone 11 Onwards

iPhones are very well known for being very advanced pieces of technology and they definitely leave no stone unturned when it comes to putting together very well-rounded devices that are capable of a number of different things including taking amazing pictures and footage. The camera quality that you will receive on an iPhone is comparable to many professional models, there are many features within the phone camera such as filters and camera settings that can help you to get the very best picture. Iphones also have a great editing studio on the devices so that you can retouch and alter your images to a professional standard no matter where you are in the world. Iphones would be a great choice of mobile device for someone who leads a busy lifestyle as you can do many computer processes within such a compact and portable device. 

Sony Xperia

The final phone on this list that has been commended for the quality of the camera technology would be the Sony Xperia, this phone comes equipped with multiple cameras for wide shooting as well as high-quality focus and flash to refine the picture quality even more. The great thing about this phone is that it looks as good as it is functional, the sleek black design and gorilla glass casing make for a very stylish aesthetic, and the fact that the tech within is also up to par it is nice to see a device that can look good and work well too. For those of you that enjoy photography, this phone would be a good choice as the camera is suitable for many different lighting and photo situations you may find yourself in and allow you to get the perfect picture to capture the memory.  

8 Cheap and Nifty Apps You Should Invest In

Ever since the beginning of smartphones, apps have been so popular with every mainstream social media platform getting involved including Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and many more. However, these apps are free for everyone and sometimes you can find amazing specialist apps on the store or even games for a cheap price but good quality! We will be breaking down 8 apps that are cheap and perfect for everyone with a phone!

Dark Sky Weather

We have all left the house looking at our inbuilt weather app only for it to be completely wrong and now you are soaked and stuck in the blistering cold and rain, right? Well, for $3.99 you can ensure that that will never be the case again! With a constantly updated program, this weather app can pinpoint the weather exactly where you are and not just a rough guess! This is ideal for the people who love to go for walks or commute to work and do not know what to wear in the dodgy weather that is always unreliable!

Couch to 5k

This app has helped thousands of non-runners to get involved in gradually start running 5 kilometers! You are able to choose your own virtual coach to guide you through your journey which is tailor-made for your personal progress! For $2.99, it is a bargain that you need to have installed and use on your smartphone. We all want to try to get our fitness back to prime level, and with this app, you have the chance to.

AFK Arena

This free game is amazing to play with all your friends through your phone. It is free but you are able to able to purchase in-game gold to bolster your team! You are even able to find all working codes for afk arena and begin your adventure with all your peers.

Express VPN

A VPN helps you keep your personal details safe by altering your IP address so it is no visible to third parties which may try to steal your data or passwords. It keeps you safe so why not spend slightly more and ensure you have a good and reliable VPN to protect you?


This app is so cool, it lets to automate your phone’s functions and you can train it to complete certain routines such as when you plug your earphones in, it activates Spotify?! This is perfect for android users, and there are so many different things you can alternate and change to suit your personal want and needs, all for only $3.00!

Face Tune

This is a perfect app to use if you are into editing your photos. Whether it’s for a perfect Instagram pic or if you are a Youtuber and need that perfect photo finish, this is the app for you! You are even able to alter what your surroundings show, like a green screen- all for just $3.99.


This app is great for people who do loads of hours in the office and need to scan multiple documents! It helps to scan with ease, with the accuracy and clarity of an actual scanner! For only $1, it is a definite steal!

Star Guide

Perfect for people who love to stargaze, all you have to do is point your phone to the sky, and this app automatically finds all the specific star constellations for you to enjoy. This is a beautiful app to use in the evening and even gives you all the information about the planets in our solar system!

How does a VPS work and When do you Need One?

A VPS or a virtual private server is defined as a server that has been created within another stronger server to create the illusion and the effect of having your own personal server to connect your devices and work from. These servers are usually used by those who work in the technology industry and other huge corporations so that they can be sure their work is safe from exposure. Having access to a private server like this is much better to work on for a business as the staff is able to work together under a single server and the likelihood of server malfunctions is also minimized as the traffic on the server is minimized. There are many different situations where having access to a virtual private server would be very useful, across a variety of industries there is one common use which would have to be when your business is running a high traffic website. Upgrading to a VPS host when you start to develop your business and see large amounts of traffic on your website should be something you consider when you are more secure in your business’s future.  

How Does a VPS actually Work?

A VPS server basically works by creating a duplicate server within another much stronger server, this server would be perfect for somebody who wants their own network to be able to grow their business. Due to the fact that this form of server creations creates a network for single corporations to store their data and connect their office-wide devices for better connectivity. As these servers have much less traffic going through them in comparison to the public servers, you will also find that there will be less need for repairs and maintenance on your network and that once you implement your online security software your data will be much less vulnerable from any threats. You can also get peace of mind through the fact that if anything did happen to your servers it is all recoverable on a VPS server making it great for a business that needs security when it comes to online data storage. If you are still unsure about the workings of a VPS server but think that it could benefit you or the business you represent then I would highly urge you to at least enquire into the details and costs of things so that you can decide after knowing all of the facts. If it something your company could realistically afford to do then the security and privacy benefits could seriously secure your business plans and secrets, I recommend you choose the right vps host by looking at existing customer reviews to find a company that can provide a positive experience.  

When does Your Business Need a VPS

Moving your websites to a virtual private server is quite a big decision as a business as it indicates that you have reached the high rates of sales and traffic rate on your websites to need to move to a private server so that your sites are able to keep up with demand. When transitioning from a new starter in the business world to someone who has a more established customer group and steady sale rate it can be a very uneasy time, especially when you think about all of the changes that are to come with your newfound success. Upgrading to a VPS is mainly required when you are experiencing website crashes and errors due to large amounts of traffic, being on a private server allows you to host many more users at once as you no longer have to compete for bandwidth with others companies and server users. As you become more successful as a business there is more potential for the competition’s jealousy to result in some foul play in the form of online sabotage or leaking of your secrets and plans for the future as a company. With a VPS your sites are going to be much more safe and secure as your company will be the only place where server access is available meaning that you can be sure your important files and virtual documents are secure.  

Other Uses

Although VPS hosting is very heavily used within the business world for providing private server networks for companies to work within there are also a lot of other great uses for a VPS, the privacy of the network means that processes like hosting a multiplayer online gaming server run much smoother than what it would on the public servers. This means that a VPS would be perfect for regular gamers as they are much less likely to experience many serious connection issues as the server is hosting a limited number of people rather than having to cope with mass demand at once. Another great use for a VPS would be within the computer science industry, some people in this sector enjoy looking at how they can improve their server’s technical specifications which would require a private server to experiment with to see what can be done to make this system even better. A VPS server works much better with situations where root code access to the server’s internal hardware is required and as these servers are basically duplicated there are few consequences if your experimentation does not work out, giving those within the computer science industry complete freedom to work.

The 8 Best Gaming Peripherals you Need to Invest in

Gaming Keyboards  

Choosing the right gaming keyboard is essential to providing comfort and increasing your playtime without needing a break, if you buy a specialized gaming keyboard then it is also likely that you will play a lot better as you are using a keyboard that has been designed for the high tension and speed that comes with playing online games.  

Custom Keys  

The great thing about gaming keyboards is that it is so much easier to change your keys to custom gaming keys than the struggles of trying to replace the keys on a standard board. If you customize your keys to fit your personal needs you will find that your gameplay improves due to the muscle memory of knowing what each key does without having to think about it beforehand.  

LED Backlighting  

Another great thing that you can do to your keyboard to improve your overall gaming experience would have to be to install LED backlighting on your keyboard. It may seem that this just a style choice but having a backlit keyboard is also very useful if you find yourself playing your games late at night and in the dark, you can find an LEd backlit keyboard at a very reasonable price online and it is sure to add a welcome splash of color to any gaming setup.  


It should be no surprise that a regular gamer should have access to a high-quality headset, especially if you are playing online with other gamers if you do not have a quality headset your communication with other players could be seriously hindered. Most games rely upon their multiplayer capabilities to be successful and with the new updates and release of cheats on games like Spellbreak you really don’t want to be missing out by using a shoddy headset, also if you are interested you can find hacks and cheats for spellbreak here. 


Much like how a solid headset is so important for gaming if you use your computer audio whilst you game you should also have access to a good set of speakers. If you are looking for that immersive experience then you need to make sure that the audio is of a good quality and that you are using a high quality enough set of speakers to allow for optimal listening.  


Having the right gaming mouse is essential for games that require precision and accuracy for you to be victorious, there are some great gaming mice available on the market and if you are still using your everyday mouse you should really be looking for a replacement immediately. Many gaming mice come equipped with customizable buttons that can help you add some shortcuts to make your life easier.  

Mouse Mat  

If you are looking to buy a new gaming mouse then you also need to think about the quality of the mouse mat you are using it on, if it is not big enough or doesn’t have the right thickness or grip to it then your gaming performance could seriously be hindered.  


The final gaming peripheral on this list that you may want to consider upgrading is your gaming monitor. Many people forget about their monitors and become so used to the low quality that they are amazed to see the HD picture quality that is now available for purchase. Technology is developing at a rapid rate so if you are not improving your setup you could be missing out on playing your games on a crisp and clear screen that really does these new video games justice.  

Internet History: How Much has the Web changed in the Last Ten Years

The development of the internet was very revolutionary, it provided a whole new way to find and store information, and the diversity of what could be done at the time it was created was quite shocking. However, when you look back and compare the internet then to what we now have access to, the changes and development of this product would have to go down as one of the most life-changing creations in the world of technology. Even within the last ten years, we have seen a huge change in the technology sector with the devices that are offered to us become smaller and more innovative with every release.  

Accessibility of a Strong Internet Signal

In the last ten years, we have seen a significant increase in the number of people who now have access to a professional-grade internet signal within their homes. As technology has progressed a lot in the last ten years it has been necessary in most cases that a strong internet signal was required to be able to compensate for the amount and for the strength of the tech in most people’s houses. Ten years ago it would have been normal in many households to have a couple of internet gadgets per person, nowadays each room in the house is fitted with an array of internet-capable devices that all require a connection to function properly. As the demand for strong internet in our homes increased the development of stronger wifi devices occurred and suddenly everyone has access to a professional-grade connection.  

Internet Crime

Although the internet solves a lot of our problems and its development has generally had a positive impact on our lives there are some negative sides to the internet. Within the entertainment industry, the internet also brought about the illegal process of torrenting which is when you are able to download content like music, films, and video games for free. This is very harmful to the creators who put so much work into what they produce only to have it accessible for free which will affect their income, however with some of the extortionate fees that some platforms charge it is no surprise that people turn to these methods. It is unclear when torrenting was actually developed but it has been around for some time now, many people use torrents to find high-quality downloads at a much more reasonable price but the question of when did torrents originally become popular is left unanswered.  


I would argue that ten years ago we did not see as many entertainment uses within the internet as we do now, in these times it is likely that you use online streaming services more often than you find yourself using standard cable TV. There are so many different entertainment platforms each equipped with a varied library of films and television shows that can be used on-demand. The internet has provided a strong platform that can be relied upon for entertainment as well as providing creators out there another way to find success with their own material. When you look back to ten years ago it would be more expected if you were still using outdated forms of entertainment such as DVD’s or by watching what was on live television, although the internet had other forms of providing content it was nowhere near as much of a crowded market as it is now. As a viewer this is great as you are provided with a plethora of options in terms of finding something good and entertaining to watch, however, it has arguably put a strain on the more classic entertainment platforms which have also caused an increase in the amount of on-demand applications. Another aspect of entertainment that has been affected by the internet would have to be music. Ten years ago people were still using CDs and downloading music onto their phones or music players. Thanks to the internet most people are signed up for a music subscription application of some kind that offers a huge library of music for a monthly fee, as you have the option to download music this concept has basically replaced the function of CDs and the process of downloading music completely. The entertainment industry has gone through arguably the most change and a lot of that change is due to the internet’s influence over mainstream media, as well as the development of more innovative options that suit the lifestyle of those of us who use technology within our everyday lives.  

File Storage

If you look back on the last ten years in terms of how you used to store your computer or laptop data and files, many laptops and mobile devices were not equipped with the infinite online cloud storage functions that they have today, and many people had to invest in an external storage device in order to have enough space for their files. Nowadays the internet has provided a storage solution that can be accessed on multiple devices whenever you require it, your files are safe and can be recovered if anything was to go wrong. The security and accessibility of the online storage platforms that we now have would have to be one of the biggest selling points that make this better than using an external device like a hard drive.