Ever since the beginning of smartphones, apps have been so popular with every mainstream social media platform getting involved including Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and many more. However, these apps are free for everyone and sometimes you can find amazing specialist apps on the store or even games for a cheap price but good quality! We will be breaking down 8 apps that are cheap and perfect for everyone with a phone!

Dark Sky Weather

We have all left the house looking at our inbuilt weather app only for it to be completely wrong and now you are soaked and stuck in the blistering cold and rain, right? Well, for $3.99 you can ensure that that will never be the case again! With a constantly updated program, this weather app can pinpoint the weather exactly where you are and not just a rough guess! This is ideal for the people who love to go for walks or commute to work and do not know what to wear in the dodgy weather that is always unreliable!

Couch to 5k

This app has helped thousands of non-runners to get involved in gradually start running 5 kilometers! You are able to choose your own virtual coach to guide you through your journey which is tailor-made for your personal progress! For $2.99, it is a bargain that you need to have installed and use on your smartphone. We all want to try to get our fitness back to prime level, and with this app, you have the chance to.

AFK Arena

This free game is amazing to play with all your friends through your phone. It is free but you are able to able to purchase in-game gold to bolster your team! You are even able to find all working codes for afk arena and begin your adventure with all your peers.

Express VPN

A VPN helps you keep your personal details safe by altering your IP address so it is no visible to third parties which may try to steal your data or passwords. It keeps you safe so why not spend slightly more and ensure you have a good and reliable VPN to protect you?


This app is so cool, it lets to automate your phone’s functions and you can train it to complete certain routines such as when you plug your earphones in, it activates Spotify?! This is perfect for android users, and there are so many different things you can alternate and change to suit your personal want and needs, all for only $3.00!

Face Tune

This is a perfect app to use if you are into editing your photos. Whether it’s for a perfect Instagram pic or if you are a Youtuber and need that perfect photo finish, this is the app for you! You are even able to alter what your surroundings show, like a green screen- all for just $3.99.


This app is great for people who do loads of hours in the office and need to scan multiple documents! It helps to scan with ease, with the accuracy and clarity of an actual scanner! For only $1, it is a definite steal!

Star Guide

Perfect for people who love to stargaze, all you have to do is point your phone to the sky, and this app automatically finds all the specific star constellations for you to enjoy. This is a beautiful app to use in the evening and even gives you all the information about the planets in our solar system!


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