When it comes to choosing a broadband provider, of course, we all want to get the best deal and the best service. Every single broadband provider will tell you that their company is the best, of course, they will, that’s what it means to be a good salesperson. They are all essentially offering the same thing- broadband, so to attract customers they need to really look like they are the best in the game. However, who really is the best? and what actually does being the best mean? We are going to finally answer the question of is bt broadband better than virgin once and for all.


Sometimes the quality of broadband can differ depending on the area that you live in. It can be common in some areas for specific broadband companies to be down frequently, which can of course be a pain to those who live there. This makes it hard to easily know what provider really is the most popular- as in some parts of the country you will hear the provider getting a bad name, and others will think highly of them. Therefore, it is best to check out what broadband is like in the area you are living in before choosing a provider. Last year, Vodafone received the most broadband complaints ever from customers, due to the number of times it had gone down in their area, sometimes for hours at a time.


The speed you need your broadband to be will depend on how much you use the internet and what you use it for. For example, someone that has a large family, is constantly streaming movies, works from home, or is a gamer, will need fast broadband that is going to be able to keep up with everything they are doing. Whereas, an elderly couple who rarely surf the web or use apps that require the internet such as Netflix, would not need super-fast broadband. The broadband that is generally known as the fastest is Virgin Media, which offers customers broadband speeds of up to 362Mbps.

Contention Ratio

The Contention refers to the number of people who are using the same connection. If your contention ratio is high, this means that a lot of other people are also connected to the same line as you, which of course can decrease the speed of your connection, as the broadband has more demand and has to work harder to tend to everyone. A high contention ratio in the area you live in means that you will likely experience slower connection speeds, especially at busy times such as around 7 o’clock in the evening, when a lot of people are on their phones/laptops, etc. A good analogy to use is a motorway- while you are able to reach your destination faster on a motorway lane that is less congested (e.g., a toll road), you have to pay to have this privilege. In this case, you will gain a faster connection and download speed through a line that has a lower contention ratio but will have to pay more.


Latency is the time it takes for data to travel from its original source and its intended destination. In simpler terms, this is how long it takes for a user’s actions to get a response, e.g., when playing Super Mario and the player pressed the arrow to jump, how long does it take for this action to be completed? Latency does not always matter in some cases, again, it depends on what the broadband is being used for. If an individual wants to watch Netflix or amazon prime, for example, latency does not really matter as the user will not be requesting various different actions at one time. However, for a gamer, latency is a big deal, as no one when playing a shooting game or FIFA, wants there to be a lag. While Virgin Media is considered to be the best provider for overall speed, when it comes to latency, Sky broadband has been crowned as the king. So, if you wish to be gaming while streaming on Twitch or Youtube, Sky Broadband is the best option for you.

Good Quality Deals

Come on, let’s be honest, we all want the best possible deal when buying ANYTHING, why wouldn’t we? Some months of the year are more financially challenging than others, meaning that when we are paying a direct debit monthly, such as broadband, we want to make sure what we are paying for is worthwhile. Broadband providers are constantly changing their deals to make them better than their competitors, even if the deal is for a limited time only. Last year, many people reported attempting to switch from Virgin to BT, as while Virgin was named as the fastest, they found that for what they were really using their broadband for, BT was fast enough and lots cheaper!


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