A CO2 laser machine can mark a variety of coated metals, including anodized aluminum and powder coated stainless steel, directly. Pre-treating bare metals with a metal marking compound before engraving with a CO2 laser is possible, such as titanium and nickel plating.

What Laser Will Etch Metal?

Laser engraving is the most common method of engraving bare metals, including aluminum, brass, copper, nickel-plated metals, stainless steel, and more. Fiber lasers are ideal for marking many types of plastics, including ABS, PEEK, and polycarbonates.

What Can You Engrave With A Co2 Laser?

Almost any organic material can be etched with laser etching. Wood, cardboard, aluminum, stainless steel, plastic, tile, marble, anodized aluminum, stone, and glass will be processed in the main materials shops.

What Laser Do I Need To Engrave Metal?

Metal laser cutting and engraving should be done with at least 50 watts of Fiber laser power. Direct laser marking of metals can be done with fiber laser power of 40 to 50 Watts. Lasers with a power output of 25 to 150 Watts are recommended for direct metal marking.

Can A 40w Laser Etch Metal?

Metal can be cut and engraved with industrial lasers. A laser cutter or plasma cutter is commonly used for this purpose. A CO2 laser is most often capable of cutting through steel plates with a power output of up to 100 watts. Acrylic or wood projects are best suited to the 40-watt laser.

Can A Co2 Laser Engrave Polymer?

PMAG polymer does not seem to work well with CO2 lasers, even though they can vaporize polymer and wood to get a deep engraving. A texture on a PMAG failed to engrave when I tried it. CO2 lasers are not as powerful as fiber lasers. Metal can be etched and removed with them.

Can A Co2 Laser Engrave Glass?

With the Epilog CO2 laser system, you can laser etch glass with custom designs in a quick and easy way. Epilog Lasers are the easiest to use lasers. You can print your design on the laser by placing your glass in the laser etcher’s bed (or on theRotary Attachment for cylindrical glasses).

Can You Engrave Stainless Steel With A Co2 Laser?

Metal can’t be directly engraved by CO2 laser machines because the beam of the laser recoils from the metal surface. A special coating, such as painted metal or anodised aluminium, is required to successfully mark stainless steel.

What Materials Cannot Be Laser Engraved?



PVC (Poly VinylChloride) /vinyl/pleather/artificial leather

Emits pure chlorine gas when cut!


Emits cyanide gas and tends to melt

Thick ( >1mm ) Polycarbonate/Lexan

Cut very poorly, discolor,catch fire

HDPE/milk bottle plastic

Catches fire and melts

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