Car is considered as one of the most wanted things in each and every home. Every people dream is to buy an own car for their use. Always our car gives best comfortable to us. Rather than public transports, car will be more convenient to all age categories of people. We can stop our car as our wish but we can’t expect the same in other mode of transports. Buying a car is considered as prestigious among all people from the past. There are many latest advanced models also came into the field in last few years.
Latest technologies implemented in the car:
In olden days cars don’t have mush implementation. The cars were designed with some basic techniques which is not so comfortable to the people while traveling. Then after many researches and advanced technology development, some modifications have been made in the car for the users comfortable. These types of cars get more popular among the people. Even color of the car, designs and some features attract more people. Nowadays both diesel and petrol cars are available in the market. From Nano cars to big size cars are developed by companies so both nuclear family and joint family can go anywhere without any discomfort. Even we can carry many things needed for trip, which can be kept at the backside of the car. We can see some latest technologies implemented in the car.
Locking system: This is the most needed technology in all cars. In olden days people need to lock the car by key only, if we forget to lock the car it can steeled by someone easily and the lock system also easily breakable or it can be opened by some other duplicate keys. But nowadays there is no issues in this kind of issue. If we forget to lock the car by urge, we can lock it from anywhere by using the sensor device found in the car. The sensor will work for some particular distance, so the key contains the transmitter and the car is inbuilt with the receiver. So, the people can open and lock the car at anywhere. Then most important thing, if anyone tries to steel our car by using some other keys or tries to break the lock, the sensor found in the car will make the alarm to activate and it produces the alarm sound. So, the owner of the car and surrounding people will get aware of it and this threat can be avoided. Nowadays all cars were designed with technology for the safety of the user.
Air bag balloon: This air bag balloon technology is implemented in the latest design of the cars. It is the safety precaution method, used to save the life of the people during accidents. Car accidents are most common thing found all over the earth, mostly the people who is sitting at the front will get more affected than back seated people. They get directly hit to the staring, and loss their life too. So, to avoid this air bags were found in the car. If they hit the car by accident, the air bag balloon will come out from the front section and saves the people life. So, the injuries will be less to the user compared to the accident without air bag balloon. It is automated system too, so the user need not to press any buttons to activate the balloon. It is the life guard provided in the car.
Television implementation: The television has been installed in latest cars now to entertain the people because during the long travel people will feel bore without videos or movies. So, televisions were found here and it act as the camera too. While parking the car, the people can’t see the back place clearly and someone needs to get down and direct them properly or the car may hit the back wall. It is the most common problem faced by all the people. So, cameras are inbuilt with the televisions. While parking the car, we can activate the camera and see the backside of the place. So, the people can park the car safely without any issues. It will helpful to the people a lot at the same time we watch movies too.
Gear technology: Generally, in car we have 5 gears and one reverse gear to drive the car. The changing of the gear is one of the biggest issues faced by many people. We can’t change the gear at sudden, so first we need to maintain the speed and then only we can change it. If we are travelling at speed and at the moment the gear changing will be the great task. Suddenly we can’t slowdowns the speed too. So, to avoid this issue, companies now introduced the latest technology of gearless cars. Which will be more useful to all people because without gears the driving will be easy and people can avoid many accidents too. The user can increase and decrease the speed of the car by the use of accelerator alone and there no need to change the gears.
Bluetooth device: Bluetooth device have been installed in the car to make the people driving somewhat easy. We can connect our car system with our phone through the Bluetooth device. And voice activation also got inbuilt with the system so, if the person needs to make the call, we can say the name alone and the system will make call to the person. People need not to pick the phone while travelling. Even the route directions for unknown place also checked here, it will guide us to the proper place. We need not to check the phone each and every time for the direction. This is the latest technology found in the car. People can activate music too for relaxing them while travelling.
So, there are many advanced technologies have been installed in cars to make the trip of the people safe and happy.


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