Coding has become much more popular in recent years with more people than ever learning how to code on various programs. As technology has developed coding has become more important and relevant than ever before. People are learning to code as a way to change their career and many students are learning it to earn some extra income while they study. Anyone who has tried coding will know how easy it is to accidentally make a mistake, we’ve rounded up some of the most common coding errors and found the solutions for them so that when you next get stuck you don’t have to.

Syntax Error

Every single person who has ever tried coding will be aware of the syntax error. It is the most common error in coding because it’s so easy for it to happen. A syntax error is similar to a spelling error, it’s caused by a typo in the code you’re writing. When we communicate with other people minor errors aren’t an issue as the brain can understand even with mistakes, computers, however, are not programmed like this so any slight error will be flagged up. Luckily, these errors are one of the easiest to fix as coding programs highlight where you’ve made an error so you can easily fix it.

Logic Error

These errors are much less common than syntax errors but they are much more difficult to locate and fix. Logic errors occur when your coding all seems correct but it does not match up to the requirements of the program you’re using to code, the most famous example of a logic error in coding is back in 1999, NASA lost one of their spacecraft because of the difference in units between America and England, the coding was correct but the program required the other unit. To deal with these errors software testing can be a great help as it evaluates the requirements so you can make sure you’re using the correct ones.

Compilation Error

Not all coding will have these errors as they only occur in some programming languages. Compilation errors occur when programming language is converted among levels and your compiler doesn’t know how to convert it. These are quite common issues but they will affect your coding less the more practice you get, to solve these issues it’s a good idea to run your compiler often so you can flag up any mistakes early so it doesn’t become overwhelming.

Runtime Error

This is also commonly known as an execution error. These errors aren’t noticeable when you’re coding they become apparent when you start to run the program you’ve just coded, these errors are what cause programs to crash. They can occur for many reasons such as programming steps in the incorrect order, programming something that is impossible for your program to complete. They also occur when a user runs your program and they do something that you had not predicted and so not coded for. The best way to solve these is to test your program as much as you can so errors will flag up before you allow other people to use what you’ve coded.

Mathematical Error

Mathematical errors aren’t as common as the other types of error but they do appear sometimes, they’re similar to a logic error but to do with numbers, for example, it is impossible to divide by zero so if you program this it will flag up as an error. Mathematical errors also commonly occur when negative numbers are involved, lots of testing is also the best way to solve this problem.


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