If CO2 is dispensed, keg beer will remain fresh for 45-60 days if it is properly chilled and pressurized. About 90-120 days are needed for pasteurized draft beer. Breweries now print a freshness date on the cap or side of each keg in order to ensure quality.

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How Long Does A Co2 Cartridge Last On A Keg?

The following are the rules of thumb for CO2 tanks and kegs: For an average 5 lb CO2 tank and a 5-gallon keg, 31 to 44 kegs of beer will be pumped. Cartridges of 16g fill about a third of a cornelius keg when used as portable cartridges. Cartridges larger than 68g will push through kegs of any size.

How Long Is A Keg Good For Once Tapped Without Co2?

Craft beers are especially vulnerable to this because they differ in their quality. Generally, pasteurized beer will last for 90-120 days (or 3-4 months), while unpasteurized draft beer will last 45-60 days (or 6-8 weeks) at the right temperature when stored.

How Long Does A Co2 Tank Last On A Kegerator?

The tank will last between 6-8 half barrels, or full kegs, before it needs to be filled with CO2. CO2 tanks can dispense between 10 and 13 full kegs per fill, depending on their capacity. Kegerator usage, carbonation level, and how well your system is balanced can all affect this number.

How Long Does A Carbonated Keg Last?

Nevertheless, once the keg has been carbonated (or filled with finished beer from a larger keg), it is ideal to consume it within two to three months of purchase.

How Long Will A Keg Stay Fresh?

Beer styles will determine how long it will remain fresh in a kegerator if it is properly stored. Beer Pasteurized for three to six months can be kept fresh. It takes approximately two months for nonpasteurized beer to keep fresh.

Will A Keg Go Bad Without Co2?

In the case of a party pump, which uses air instead of CO2 to drive the beer, you can expect your beer to remain fresh for 8-12 hours after it is dispensed. If you keep your kegs warm, and drive them with CO2, they will remain fresh for longer.

How Long Does A C02 Cartridge Last?

A CO2 cartridge will last for 24 hours or 21 shots after being penetrated on the first pull.

How Much Co2 Does A Keg Use?

A 1/4 barrel keg (7. oz.) will require about 1/2lb of CO2 to dispense. To dispense a 5 gallon keg (corny keg / sixtel), you will need approximately 1/3lb CO2.

How Many Kegs Will A 5lb Co2 Tank Carbonate?

You can use a 5lb. bag if you need it. If you have a CO2 tank, you can dispense two to four full-sized kegs before refilling. You’ll get closer to 4 kegs if the ambient temperature is cooler.

How Long Do Mini Co2 Cartridges Last?

CO2 cartridges in our mini-kegerator model BD-0538 should last approximately one keg, depending on the model. The amount depends on how often the beer is tapped, how long the tap is open each time, and how often it is used.

How Long Should Keg Sit After Tapping?

If you’re going to drink from your keg, you should let it sit for at least an hour or two before you do so. Let it settle down a bit so that it doesn’t get too heated.

Can You Leave A Keg Tapped?

What is the shelf life of a Keg?? In general, non-pasteurized beer on tap, dispensed with CO2, will retain its freshness for 45-60 days if pressure and temperature are maintained properly. You can serve pasteurized draft beer for 90-120 days after it has been pasteurized.

How Long Does A 5 Gallon Co2 Tank Last In A Kegerator?

CO2 tanks typically last from 2-4 half barrel (full-size) kegs, depending on how cold they are kept. As carbon dioxide expands when heated, keeping it in hotter temperatures will ultimately limit its usefulness. CO2 should last up to four half barrel kegs, however, if kept cold.

How Long Should A 20 Lb Co2 Tank Last?

The weight of this item is 20 pounds. A 5lb. tank should theoretically last 44 days (175/4), while a 4lb. tank should last 44 days (175/4). The tank will last for about 11 days (44/4). In addition to plant uptake of CO2, opening doors or curtains, or other opportunities for CO2 to escape and require replenishment are not taken into account in these estimates.

How Many 1/6 Kegs Will A Co2 Tank Last?

Keg Size / Style

20oz Cylinder

2.5 lb Cylinder

Corny Keg / Home Brew (5.00 Gallon)



Sixth Barrel (5.23 Gallon)



Quarter Barrel (7.75 Gallon)



Half Barrel (15.50 Gallon)



How Much Does It Cost To Fill A Co2 Tank For A Kegerator?

The cost of filling a 5lb CO2 keg tank is easily $25. This is a profit of about $20 per fill. You will not have to wait long before this will pay for itself. The process of filling tanks is safe and easy. If you want to buy a bulk 50 pound CO2 tank, you will need to rent it from your welding supply store or buy it from a reputable company.

How Long Is Untapped Keg Beer Good For?

Shelf life of unpasteurized beer is 45 to 60 days, but once shipping time is taken into account, this can drop to about a month. A beer that has been pasteurized can last up to four months after it has been exposed to the heat.

How Long Do Mini Kegs Last For?

Regardless of what you choose, mini-casks and kegs should last at least six weeks when they arrive at your door (check the sticker on the bottom for exact dates), so if you’re planning ahead, don’t worry about ordering too early – just keep them.

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