The development of the internet was very revolutionary, it provided a whole new way to find and store information, and the diversity of what could be done at the time it was created was quite shocking. However, when you look back and compare the internet then to what we now have access to, the changes and development of this product would have to go down as one of the most life-changing creations in the world of technology. Even within the last ten years, we have seen a huge change in the technology sector with the devices that are offered to us become smaller and more innovative with every release.


Accessibility of a Strong Internet Signal

In the last ten years, we have seen a significant increase in the number of people who now have access to a professional-grade internet signal within their homes. As technology has progressed a lot in the last ten years it has been necessary in most cases that a strong internet signal was required to be able to compensate for the amount and for the strength of the tech in most people’s houses. Ten years ago it would have been normal in many households to have a couple of internet gadgets per person, nowadays each room in the house is fitted with an array of internet-capable devices that all require a connection to function properly. As the demand for strong internet in our homes increased the development of stronger wifi devices occurred and suddenly everyone has access to a professional-grade connection.


Internet Crime

Although the internet solves a lot of our problems and its development has generally had a positive impact on our lives there are some negative sides to the internet. Within the entertainment industry, the internet also brought about the illegal process of torrenting which is when you are able to download content like music, films, and video games for free. This is very harmful to the creators who put so much work into what they produce only to have it accessible for free which will affect their income, however with some of the extortionate fees that some platforms charge it is no surprise that people turn to these methods. It is unclear when torrenting was actually developed but it has been around for some time now, many people use torrents to find high-quality downloads at a much more reasonable price but the question of when did torrents originally become popular is left unanswered.



I would argue that ten years ago we did not see as many entertainment uses within the internet as we do now, in these times it is likely that you use online streaming services more often than you find yourself using standard cable TV. There are so many different entertainment platforms each equipped with a varied library of films and television shows that can be used on-demand. The internet has provided a strong platform that can be relied upon for entertainment as well as providing creators out there another way to find success with their own material.

When you look back to ten years ago it would be more expected if you were still using outdated forms of entertainment such as DVD’s or by watching what was on live television, although the internet had other forms of providing content it was nowhere near as much of a crowded market as it is now. As a viewer this is great as you are provided with a plethora of options in terms of finding something good and entertaining to watch, however, it has arguably put a strain on the more classic entertainment platforms which have also caused an increase in the amount of on-demand applications.

Another aspect of entertainment that has been affected by the internet would have to be music. Ten years ago people were still using CDs and downloading music onto their phones or music players. Thanks to the internet most people are signed up for a music subscription application of some kind that offers a huge library of music for a monthly fee, as you have the option to download music this concept has basically replaced the function of CDs and the process of downloading music completely. The entertainment industry has gone through arguably the most change and a lot of that change is due to the internet’s influence over mainstream media, as well as the development of more innovative options that suit the lifestyle of those of us who use technology within our everyday lives.


File Storage

If you look back on the last ten years in terms of how you used to store your computer or laptop data and files, many laptops and mobile devices were not equipped with the infinite online cloud storage functions that they have today, and many people had to invest in an external storage device in order to have enough space for their files. Nowadays the internet has provided a storage solution that can be accessed on multiple devices whenever you require it, your files are safe and can be recovered if anything was to go wrong. The security and accessibility of the online storage platforms that we now have would have to be one of the biggest selling points that make this better than using an external device like a hard drive.


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