The Trangia Mini consists of a standard burner, a simmer ring, small wind shield, 0.8L pot, 15cm teflon coated frying pan, and the pan handle.

The entire package weighs just 330g, making it perfect for the ultralight weight camping, hiking or expedition member.

The Mini Trangia is much more portable than the standard Trangia, and is even lighter than most liquid-fuelled, pressure stoves. It isn’t as windproof as the standard Trangia cookset, but there are windblocks custom or commercial which can be used. I use a home-made wind block made from fire retardant fiberglass.


I’ve spent the afternoon working on expedition food. I made 500 grams of Teriyaki Beef Jerky. It was a long process, but it was very easy to do. Now I have been able to make granola bars, and dried meat, so I should be able to put together a good meal in a survival scenario, summiting, or in the back country.

Enjoy the pictures. I’ll make an article with the recipe soon.


Food is an important part of expedition preparations. The quality of food is even more important! As commercial food producers are increasingly using poor quality and genetically modified ingredients in our consumables, it’s important for us to stop buying pre-packaged crap, and take responsibility for what goes in our bodies on the trail, during expeditions, and in everyday life! You can watch this entire video at YouTube

As we prepare for our QRP Expedition (trial-run), we need to prepare some food and healthy snacks for the trail. Over rought terrain, we will traverse 32km over 48 hours, taking time out for radio ops, camping, food preparation, …

These Granola bars are not meant to be eaten during daily home life. They provide light weight, low cost calories for the trail when the body (during excursions) is itself, expending an abnormal amount of calories, carrying your gear and moving you through the back country.

Recipe for 6x Granola bars

Measurements are in Grams, Deciliters, and Celsius

Add 70g butter, 1dl sugar, 1-2 teaspoons of honey, 1/2 teaspoon of salt. Heat at low heat, while constantly mixing contents together. Heat until the mixture “starts” to thicken. Then take the pot off the stove.

Using a bowl, mix 2.5dl of these fillings (or some proportions of your own) We use: Oatmeal 45%, Chopped dried fruit, 10%, Crushed nuts 45%. You can change the proportions of the fillings to match your individual taste.

While warm, pour the contents from the pot into the bowl and mix thoroughly.

Prepare an aluminium baking tin, by inserting baking paper into the tin so that the entire tin is protected. Now pour the entire mixture into the tin. Spread evenly, then flatten with a spoon

Pre-heat your oven to 175c, then place the tin in the oven for 15 minutes

Allow the baked Granola to cool in the tin. Once cool, lift the baked Granola out of the tin and cut into suitable pieces.

You are now ready to eat or store in the fridge wrapped in foil.

Your Granola bars are only as good as the ingredients you use to make them, so use your best judgement when choosing what you put inside your body. If you use this recipe, please comment, like and share our YouTube video. If at all possible, share a link back to this page or our YouTube channel.


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