Your home is your castle, as the saying goes. Our ancient ancestors would crawl into caves to build their nests. And this habit soon evolved into what we now know as modern civilization. Caves were replaced by huts. Followed by houses. Bringing us right up to modern-day earth. The houses we live in today here in the western world could be considered opulent palaces compared to what we had only a few hundred years ago.

But one thing that has not changed throughout history is our ability to commit crimes. As long as one person had something, someone else has wanted to take it from them. So it is vital you protect what is yours. And thanks to the advances of modern technology, home security is as effective as its ever been.

Today we are going to have a look at 7 gadgets designed to protect your home. Not just from thieves, but from all sorts of security issues such as pests or peeping toms. It pays to be prepared in this day and age. So, let us dive in!

Ring Doorbells

No, that isn’t a command. Ring Doorbells might seem like a silly name. But the product itself is anything but. You will have seen these all over the internet. Or if not the product themselves then you will have definitely seen videos recorded on them.

Ring Doorbells are electronic doorbells that come equipped with a camera, microphone, and online connectivity. And they are a security godsend. With them, you can see who is at your door while you are away. They also make use of motion technology to record anything that passes by. So if someone comes snooping through your windows, this will capture them.

Indoor Security Cameras

Criminals will always look out for external security cameras on a house. But they often don’t think to keep an eye out for indoor ones. So investing in some good indoor cameras is always a good idea. If a break-in does happen, you will stand a better chance of getting your stuff back if you can get a clear recording of the criminals. So it pays to invest in some good ones.

Sonic Pest Repellant

Protecting your home doesn’t just mean protecting it from criminals. Animals and pests are a very serious issue. They can bring diseases into your home and put your family at risk. While also causing damage to your property as well.

Normal pest repellants can be messy and smelly. Not to mention they often use harmful chemicals that can hurt other animals such as cats, dogs, and squirrels. But companies like Thanos Home have been slowly improving their sonic pest repellant devices in quiet. And now they are at the stage where they are just as effective as traditional pest repellant systems. So we recommend investing in some, especially if you have a large garden with lots of natural land.

Barking Dog Alarm

This is exactly what it sounds like. Normal alarm systems are great, but some criminals arent scared off by an alarm system. They just see it as a five-minute warning system to grab as much stuff as they can. But the threat of a large powerful dog coming to attack you is a perfect deterrent. These alarms are simple, cheap, and very effective. No one wants to be mauled by a rottweiler.

Motion Sensor Smart lights

Motion sensor lights are nothing new. They are an excellent security investment that has been proven to turn criminals away. Thieves like to operate in the dark. So when a house suddenly lights up they will most likely flee.

But smart lights take it a step further. As opposed to turning on for any motion, these lights are able to differentiate between people and animals, and cars. And they can be set to operate differently for different things. They can even be set to recognize certain people by their phone or face and not activate. These are an excellent addition to any security system.

Smart Deadbolt

Losing your key is never a fun situation. Having to call out the locksmith and wait around just to get inside. Or, even worse, when someone else in the house deadbolts the door and you are trapped outside. Not to mention traditional locks are east enough for a skilled criminal to bypass.

Smart deadbolts remove all the hassle of traditional deadbolts and key systems while being twice as secure. Now you can open your doors simply using a code, or if you prefer you can set the link to your phone or even a retina scan. Just like the movies. This means you can deadbolt the house without worrying about locking out other housemates.

They are also far more secure than traditional lock and key systems. No criminal can lockpick one of these systems.

Pressure Alarms

These are wonderfully stealthy alarm systems that work great if you have a house with a lot of points of entry. For example, a house with a large garden that opens up to a street or alley.

Pressure alarms are hidden under a mat or underground and work, as the name implies, with pressure. If someone steps on the pressure plate it will set off the alarm. That could be a loud alarm or even a silent one that instantly contacts the authorities.

You can set them up to link to your cameras as well. So when they activate you can go straight to a live feed on your phone and see what’s out there.


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