Technology is the only thing that growing day by day. There are so many technologies created by humans every day and every sector using any one technology. One of the famous sectors that using technology is education because during this pandemic situation every student is forced to attend online classes so that they are very familiar with the technology even it is the best way to teach students. For reason, some students are not like to go to any educational center to learn something so they use mobile phones and the internet to learning something in their home.
Some of the technologies used in the educational institutions are slide projectors, film strips, and handheld calculators. It is a very good opportunity for the teachers to teach something new every day even students also very happy to learn some of their favorite things daily. Likewise, e-learning is the famous one that every people using today because everything is available on the internet. At the same, virtual communication is the best way to communicate with each other in their home or office. Using technology students can contact or listen to their favorite teacher class in their institution. Some of the famous technologies used in education history are high-tech collaboration tools, artificial intelligence, three-dimensional printing, personalized learning, gaming, and broadcasting.
Benefits of attending technology-related seminars:
There are six benefits of attending technology-related seminar such as you can learn something about software tools, you can discover some of the major tools that presented today, you can do something using that new technology, the most important benefit is you can learn a new way for solving any type of designing problems, by attending those seminars you can gain so many knowledges from the presenter, and finally, by attending workshops you can know how to use those technologies.
List of new technologies in education:
The first one is augmented reality and simulations, education technologies based on Artificial intelligence, adaptive learning, using 5G technologies, analytics, and competency-based education. So, these seven emerging technologies are the main things that changing educational history. Even there are so many technologies are helping students to improve their quality such as cloud-based technology, virtual classroom, a technology that preventing bullying, mobile-based education, and search engine optimization.
Other new technologies that growing today is AI as a service, computer vision, extended reality, blockchain, predictive and personalized medicine, and cryptography. The current trending technology for the education field is immersive learning and virtual reality. According to some news articles, this is the only technology used by most educational institutions. Even in 2021, this is the only technology used by around fifty percent of the students. Some of the technologies that made the educational industry better today that is improved communication, effective assessment, online group collaboration, fun learning, and open education. Apart from that, the 5G network is implemented in self-driving cars, satellite launchers, and a blazing fast internet connection to the users. So, try to search for something new and make use of it.


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