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Why technology is important in education?
From the decades ago, education is the main thing given to all. In past days, the educations were only given to the higher standard people, mostly the kings generation will learn the system of education. They children needs to move some other places to learn education, it can’t be afforded at door step. Then some evaluation changes have been raised, then education were given to all people in the country but some countries oppose that. Then girl children education is prohibited in some places. So, the education went through many changes and it all depends on the development of technology only. We can see many advanced technology and latest research also found in education system. Without education nothing is possible nowadays. We should know how to read and write our mother language and world language. Everyone need to be educated in the world. Some countries follow basic free education to all people in their country. In a country, if every people got educated then it is known as well-developed country. Only through the education only we can achieve anything we want and status of the country also depends on the people education only. The difference between developing country and developed country is, the education level. Comparing to developing country, in developed country the literacy level will be high.
What is the technology found in the education?
Education and technology development are interring linked thing. As the education develops, the technology will also develop side by side. Each and every department now depends on the latest technology. The education uses the advanced technology system to identify the different things.
Research department: Here the technology is most needed thing to discover new things. Now it is a pandemic situation. Its scientist’s duty to find medicine and vaccine for the life-threatening act. Without research we can’t find the medicine. For discovering the medicines, we need latest technology to test the medicines and their effects. The professionals need to undergo lot of researches to identify new medicine and those data were stored in the system which can be used for future analysis. Not only used for medicine purposes many uses were found in the research department.
Smart classes: Comparing to olden days, the mode of education was completely changed now. Even kindergarten kids need visual basic education. It is somewhat different comparing to normal education. Generally, children can understand the concept well, if it is displayed in animation way. Because children will get attracted to the pictures found on the screen and therefore their concentration won’t get missed here. Children will eagerly learn the concept than we teach on the board. Kids may get bore and get divert, if they go for normal mode of education but in smart class everything will be easily understandable thing. This kind of system were introduced to encourage the learning capacity of the students. Smart classes have been introduced in all schools nowadays. The work load of the teachers and students both were reduced completely. The concept can also register in children very well.
Online classes: online classes are possible only through the technology development because teacher will be in one place and each and every student will be at different places. The teacher will convey the concept through the online class and everyone will be connected through some educational app. In online class also, visual basic techniques are used and everything will be recorded here. So, it can be used for future usage. Online classes will be more interactive than offline classes because children can feel more comfort in their own place. This online technology classes are followed all over the world.
Practical way of teaching: Whatever kind of education followed by the schools and colleges; some practical way of education is always best. The students can learn the concept directly by the own experience which can be recorded daily to see the changes what is happening in the reaction. The practical methods are possible only new way of education and we can take the students to field trip so, they can enjoy the concept in live way. Without technology development practical method is impossible because the teachers can explain the concept in oral way. The students can’t experience its realistic way of reaction. Due to technology development, the teacher can buy all things and do it in practical way. And even the students do the same concept in home too.
Recorded classes: This is the most important improvement of technology in education system. If a student misses the class for one day or few days due to unavoidable situation, the same class can’t be taken to the student in same way. Some points can be missed by the staff due to some situation, so here comes the recorded classes which will be more helpful to the students. They can watch the class whenever they need, it not only helpful for one student all students can gain benefits in recorded class. If they can’t understand the concept at first time, then the student can watch the recorded classes for more times to understand the concept very well. Recorded classes will be always the best thing to learn education in absent mode.
Tele education: This is similar to the online classes but the teacher will be in one place and the students will be gather in school or college. The school or college will arrange the meeting of some educational professional through the online mode. Their classes will be displaying on the huge screen and concept will be explained by them. The students can take notes of it and if they have any doubts regarding the topic, they can go for the doubt. The educator will explain it clearly. No specific phones or laptops are needed for tele education, everything will be arranged by the education institution itself. Some different and peculiar topics will be discussed in tele education method. It is one of the technology developments in educational field.
So, from here we understand that education has undergone lot of changes and improved a lot in different way to make the students to understand concept easy and beneficial path.


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